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WFKO starts its preparation for the First Professional Kyokushin World Championship

gorokhov saveliev

Summer – is not only about the relaxation. For high class Kyokushinkai sportsmen – it is a very responsible preseason preparation, because a lot of big international tournaments, including European and World Championships, are held in autumn.

In the beginning of October in the city of Khabarovsk will pass the second KWU World Championship, in which there are going to be representatives from almost all Kyokushin Karate styles and disciplines. Another World Cup, which is also going to bring together representatives of different styles – but with an addition “professional”, is going to pass 2 months after the amateur KWU on December 20 in Moscow.

For the 1st Professional Kyokushinkai World Championship to be remembered by the sportsmen and spectators, this year WFKO has decided to organize 2 different summer training camps at the same time:

On August 14-24 in the city Yelets (Lipetsk region), master classes in kumite will be given by the head coach of the WFKO team, world champion Alexey Gorokhov (5th Dan).

Almost simultaneously on August 1-17 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia the training camp for international and Russian sportsmen, which perform or are preparing to perform on the professional tatami, will be organized by the senior WFKO coach, two-times world champion Dmitriy Savelyev (2nd Dan).

Shihan Alexey Gorokhov shared his training and methodical ideas with us. By his words, over 80 sportsmen had already submitted their applications for the training camp in Yelets, 9 of which are from the Japanese team. Also about 10 sportsmen from several European countries, including, Belgium, Greece, France, Hungary, are planning to participate in this event. Among the foreign fighters there is going to be a representative from South Africa or Zimbabwe. Most of the Russian sportsmen – fighters from the first and second Russian national teams, which within 2 weeks of intense training are going to prepare for the KWU and WFKO World Championships.

For our international guests, which we invited to take part in this training camp, will be given a unique opportunity to train with the Russian national team side by side, which today is by far the strongest in the world.

One of the main objectives of WFKO – in every way is to increase the technical level of the fighter, regardless of the country, which the sportsman represents, – reminded us the head coach of WFKO shihan Alexey Gorokhov. – Therefore at the training camp in Yelets we, the WFKO coaches, will try to maximally introduce our guests with the key and even “secret” techniques of the Russian World and European champions.

In the fights for the title of the Professional Kyokushin World Champion on 19-20 December in Moscow, 12 sportsmen (4 in each weight category) will me meet on the tatami. A relatively small number of sportsmen is explained by the professional format of the fights – 5 rounds, 2 minutes each, and by their multilevel selection. So far 4 fighters guaranteed themselves “tickets” to the Moscow championship – Winners of the Grand Prix Saint-Petersburg and Barcelona tournaments. The rest 8 fighters will have to prove the organizers of the tournament, that exactly they are worthy to receive an invitation to fight on the Moscow tatami.

As Shihan Alex Gorokhov explained, “at the training camp in Yelets we will be able to see a lot of sportsmen during sparrings, which of course, would like to be a part of the WFKO World Championship. We will invite the best for another WFKO Grand Prix, which is scheduled for September-October, and which will put an end to the list of participants of the championship in Moscow.

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