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WFKO Title Fight: Daniel Redondo – Takeaki Kinoshita

Lightweight fighters Daniel Redondo and Takeaki Kinoshita put up a spectacular performance at WFKO Grand Prix Barcelona. The technical arsenal they used in the fight by far exceeded the scope of traditional kihon.


Redondo’s pressure, almost in all of the rounds, gave him an advantage over the Japanese fighter, but the result of the rounds 4-0 does not fully show the picture of what was actually going on the tatami. Kinoshita’s swift kicks until the very end of the final round left him and his fans a hope for victory. And even though Takeaki Kinoshita lost the fight, he received a well-deserved prize for the best technique.

Possibly, some of the poorly informed in terms of their federation might wonder, who are these fighters and what can make their fight notable for a true admirer of Kyokushin.

So for those, who don’t know, Daniel Redondo, at the moment, is the strongest lightweight fighter of Europe, regardless of the organization, whether somebody likes or not. He trained and continues training in the strongest Spanish dojo, along with famous fighters Alejandro Navarro and Pablo Estensoro. Takeaki Kinoshita – is one of the leaders of the Japanese JFKO, and it was him, who challenged Evgeniy Mamro and Marsel Mansurov, when they came to Japan to exchange experience along with Shihan Andrey Bura.

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