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WFKO Title Fight: Johnatan Tineo – Artur Tilov

Heavyweight title fight of WFKO Grand-Prix Barcelona Professional Kyokushin Tournament
Johnathan Tineo (Spain) vs. Artur Tilov (Russia):

Johnatan Tineo

For the Spanish team all of the fights were very important, and loosing in their home Grand Prix was not part of their plans. The Spaniards made a risk by placing the young Adrian Aguilera in the middleweight “four”. But firstly, experience in big fights rarely comes without lesions, and secondly – Daniel Sanchez went as №1 of the Spanish middleweights, and the weight of responsibility on Aguilera was not as big.
The same can’t be said about Jonathan Tineo.

Even though the Spanish newspapers call Jonathan “Messi of karate”, but the guys from Russia aren’t less dangerous, and in comparison with Russian soccer, our fighters are far more superior than soccer players, which can only win in FIFA 2015.

The age leader of the Spanish national team put a lot on the line, and the bets were very high. By finishing the tournament in Barcelona with his fight against Arthur Tilov, Tineo could not have afforded lesions in the previous fights in any case. Any result besides victory would have overshadowed the overall outcome of the event. And the chances for victory with an objective aspect ratio, were not in favor for Tineo.

In comparison with Jonathon Tineo, Arthur Tilov is 8 years younger, higher by 6 cm. and heavier by 7 kg. But before the fight, not only these aspects were in favor for Arthur. The results of their encounter in 2012 in the final fight of the “Yamburg Cup”, were in favor for Tilov. But main personal achievements are ponderable for both fighters.

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