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The winner of the first in WFKO history Grand Prix became a Siberian fighter Sergei Gerasimov.

WFKO Grand-Prix Saint-Petersburg 2015 Winners

On April 24, 2015 in Saint-Petersburg passed a WFKO tournament among middleweight fighters – Grand Prix Saint-Petersburg 2015. This was the first WFKO tournament of the Grand Prix series, where the winner of the tournament receives an automatic invitation to take part in the WFKO World Championship among professional kyokushin fighters.

The format of the competition in Saint-Petersburg proposed 4 fights – 2 semifinals, the finals and the fight for 3rd place. Unfortunately there were only 2 fights – one semifinal and the finals. The security services of Russian Federation intervened unsportingly in the sports tournament. At the passport control of “Pulkovo” airport, employees of the Federal Migration Service of St. Petersburg without any comprehensible reasons annulled the Russian entry visa of the Zimbabwean fighter Tangayi Mhlanga.

Even though Tangayi Mhlanga missed Grand Prix Saint-Petersburg 2015, he will still perform on the professional tatami – the Zimbabwean fighter is going to be a part of the “four” in the middleweight category at the next Grand Prix tournament in Barcelona on June 20.

The winner of the first in WFKO history Grand Prix in professional kyokushin is Sergey Gerasimov, second place took Zsolt Zsiga – fighter from Hungary, and third place Artem Nazaretyan.

A. Nazaretyan - S. Gerasimov

In the preliminary fight Sergey Gerasimov fought against a more eminent rival – World and Russian Champion Artem Nazaretyan. The first round ended with a draw. In the second and third round with a slight advantage the judges gave their preference to Gerasimov.

In the final fight against Zsolt Zsiga – Sergey fought more convincingly by winning all five rounds in the fight. Despite the fact, that in comparison with standard kyokushin fights the time format of professional kyokushin is increased, both fighters spent all five rounds worthy and functionally and looked like they were capable of more.

Title Fight WFKO Saint-petersburg 2015

We would like to note an interesting fact, – all of the participants of Grand Prix were seconded by their relatives. Sergey was assisted by his cousin, Zsolt Zsiga by his father and Artem Nazaretyan by his brother.

According to the terms of the Grand-Prix tournaments, besides prize money and the WFKO belt Sergey Gerasimov has received an automatic invitation to take part in the World Championship among professional kyokushin fighters, which will take place in Moscow this December.

To support Zsolt Zsiga at the tournament in Saint-Petersburg came a legendary Kyokushinkai and MMA UFC version fighter Gerard Gordeau. In the history of martial arts Gerard appears as the winner of the very first fight in UFC 1. The famous fighter was upset because of Zsolt Zsiga’s loss, however he admitted, that the Russian fighter won deservedly.

Shihan Gerard Gordeau personally handed over the winner’s belt of Grand Prix Saint-Petersburg 2015 to Sergey Gerasimov.

After the tournament negotiations took place with the WFKO councils and Gerard Gordeu. A preliminary agreement was reached, that the Kyokushinkai style Kamakura, which is headed by Gerard Gordeu, and WFKO will organize a joint international tournament by professional rules in the city Riga in November 2015. Details of the tournament – the format and the list of participants – should be agreed before the end of June.

The next Tournament of the Grand Prix series will take place in Barcelona on June 20, 2015.

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