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WFKO Grand Prix Barcelona: The Results


On June 20, 2015 in Spain passed the International WFKO Tournament Grand Prix Barcelona 2015. We would like to apologize for the failed broadcast, but the “Gods of internet” where not on our side on that day. Luckily, the internet incident was the only disappointment of the evening.

This was the first time when we heard from the crowd the familiar from our childhood – “No pasaran ” – and everything turned out exactly that way (¡No pasarán! in translation from Spanish means “They will not pass!”)

daniel redondo cardoso

This was the best tournament in WFKO history! The spectators were divine and, even though there were only about a thousand of them, they handled their job perfectly, by rooting like on a stadium. Matchmaking this time was superb – all of the fights turned out competitive and entertaining. Refereeing receives the highest score! It was like they were not even there, they did not interfere on the tatami and their decisions were very accurate and clear.

The Spaniards won their home Grand-Prix and they did it rightfully, without any “discounts” from the judges and their rivals. This was just something, that was meant to be on that day. Perhaps, it was because of the attendance of the mayor of the city – a lovely young woman. Maybe the spectators deprived their fighters the right to lose. But actually, the Spaniards started their preparation for the tournament earlier than everyone and apparently they were at the peak of their physical and emotional shape.

It was unbelievable, but despite the lack of early wins, all of the fights went like a breeze. This comes to show, that five rounds by kyokushin rules can be absolutely non-boring.

When in the final fight of middleweight category because of concussion, Daniel Sanchez was unable to come out and continue – it seemed, that this was “the fail” of the evening. But it turned out , that by the rules of WFKO, instead of the injured and withdrawn from the fight sportsman, will compete his rival, who lost to him in the semifinal fight. This is why Tangayi Mhlanga, who lost in the first semifinal fight, ended up as a finalist.

the champion belts

The results of WFKO Grand Prix Barcelona 2015

1st fight. 1/2 WFKO GP Barcelona in the middleweight category (bellow 85 kg)

Sergey Braun vs. Adrian Aguilera – Adrian Aguilera won

2nd fight. 1/2 WFKO GP Barcelona in the middleweight category (bellow 85 kg)

Daniel Sanchez vs. Tangayi Mhlanga – Danizel Sanchez won

3d fight. Title fight of WFKO GP Barcelona in the lightweight category (bellow 75 kg)

Daniel Redondo vs. Takeaki Kinoshita – Daniel Redondo won

4th fight. Title fight of WFKO GP Barcelona in the lightweight categoty (bellow 85 kg)

Adrian Aguilera vs. Tangayi Mhlanga – Adrian Aguilera won

5th fight. Title fight of WFKO GP Barcelona in the heavyweight category (over 85 kg)

Jonathan Tineo vs. Arthur Tilov – Jonathan Tineo won

Also for the tournament in Barcelona a special prize “The most technical fighter of the tournament” was established. By the decision of the president of WFKO Vladimir Sloutsker – the prize was awarded to the fighter from Japan Taneaki Kinoshita.

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