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WFKO Semifinal Fight: Sergey Braun – Adrian Aguilera

In the first fight of Grand Prix Barcelona the rights to compete for the champion’s belt of Grand Prix Barcelona were contested by the youngest participant of the tournament Adrian Aguilera and Sergey Braun.


19 year-old Adrian Aguilera is a multifold medalist and winner of national and international IKO Championships, including European Championships. Recently Adriana left IKO, so he could compete more often (in international tournaments as well).

Sergey Braun is a base kyokushin fighter and a successful kickboxer from Germany. He competes in two disciplines at the same time and does a great job.

Perhaps, it was Adriana’s high motivation and the fact, that Sergey Braun did not have the time to fully recover in two weeks after his professional kickboxing fight, which played a role in the final results of the fight. But, a fight is a fight…

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