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WFKO Middleweight Semifinal Fight: Daniel Sanchez – Tangayi Mhlanga

In the second semifinal fight of the middleweight category at Grand Prix Barcelona, the most titled Spanish middleweight – Daniel Sanchez faced a kyokushin fighter from Zimbabwe – Tangayi Mhlanga. The fight turned out quite dramatic. All five rounds Sanchez ” annihilated ” the Zimbabwean fighter, and from time to time sneered and Jackiechaned (this is a new verb of the author), however Tangayi was bent, but not broken.


Unfortunately, the Zimbabwean fighter started losing himself from time to time, because of Daniel’s swift techniques, and perhaps because of this, he started breaking the rules.

Multiple punches in the head, which were received by the Spanish fighter led to Sanchez’s need of medical assistance, so the winner of the fight was hospitalized.

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