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WFKO – Africa. Three African WFKO belt winners were determined at once


In the South African Republic already for the 2 year in a row passed fights for the WFKO belts. These fights were organized in terms of the 15th South African Championship and 12th International Shuseki Shihan William Oliver Memorial Challenge.

Moscow’s WFKO representative at this event was Sergey Pastuhov. He was the one, who awarded the winners belts.

During last year’s WFKO-Africa Tournament, which passed only in the middleweight category, Tangayi Mhlanga from Zimbabwe became the winner of the tournament. Afterwards Tangayi fought 2 times on the tatami at the WFKO “Grand-Prix Barcelona”, where he took second place.

This year fights were organized in 3 weight categories, the winners of which became 2 fighters from South Africa and 1 sportsman from Zimbabwe.

The winner of the championship belt in the lightweight category became Tshepo Khoase from South Africa, representative of Shorin-Kempo. In the middleweight category the winner of the championship belt became a Zimbabwean fighter Brian Chiringa from the “Kyokushin Union” organization. And in the 80+ weight category Maurice Moselakgomo, representative of Shorin-Kempo, won the championship belt.

Official WFKO representative of the African continent Shaun Burgess recommended WFKO for the future participation in the 2016 international WFKO tournaments the championship belt winners: Tshepo Khoase / South Africa; Brian Chiringa / Zimbabwe; Pumalani Maphosa / Zimbabwe – winner of the South African Championship in the lightweight category.

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