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“The Yamburg Cup – Yamal 2016”. Evgeny Solomennikov vs Dawid Ozga

The first fight for the WFKO belts at “The Yamburg Cup – Yamal 2016” in the category bellow 75kg was between Evgeny Solomennikov (Russia) and Dawid Ozga (Great Britain).
The Russian fighter is 10cm lower and 8 kg lighter, than his opponent from Great Britain. However, Evgeny was able to implement his strategy against Dawid on the tatami. As a result, the Russian fighter round after round took the victory away from his titled opponent, without leaving him any chances for victory.
The judges had a sole decision about Evgeny’s victory in each of the 5 rounds. So the final score was 5-0. Thus for the first professional fight in his life, the International Master of Sports added the WFKO championship belt to his collection of trophies.

Dawid Ozga – Evgeny Solomennikov

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