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“The Yamburg Cup – Yamal 2016”. Denis Chepkasov vs Jonathan Redondo

In the weight category bellow 85 kg the Russian fighter Denis Chepkasov faced Jonathan Redondo from Spain. The Spaniard worked hard during the whole fight. The spectators, who were far away from the tatami, were able to hear his pounding.
At this tournament Jonathan Redondo demonstrated the style of the Barcelona School of Kyokushinkai. Earlier in the WFKO Tournaments we were able to observe this style in the performance of his coach – Jonathan Tineo. Mainly this style is about keeping a short distance, doing numerous strikes with the knees in the head, body and hips, very rough low-kicks and punches. The fighters from Barcelona know and adore kicks in the higher part of the body. But as people say it – that is a cherry on top of the cake.
From time to time Denis Chepkasov tried to take the initiative on him, but Jonathan increased the intensity of his attacks and did not give the Russian fighter a chance to win in even 1 round. The overall total 5-0.
Редондо Джонатан-пояс

Jonathan Redondo – Denis Chepkasov

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