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“The Yamburg Cup – Yamal 2016”. Borisov Andrey vs Miyahara Jo

In the first fight of the middleweight category (bellow 85kg) at the Professional WFKO Tournament “The Yamburg Cup – Yamal 2016” the Japanese fighter Miyahara Jo faced Andrey Borisov from Russia. The Japanese fighter won in the first 3 rounds. Miyahara used rigid and accurate low-kicks in the shin while defending and counterattacked after with strong punches.
Both of the sportsmen tried to do various techniques with their legs. And here the Japanese fighter was more spectacular and preferable.
It was obvious, that Miyahara didn’t have enough strength for the 4th and 5th rounds, so Andrey took the initiative there. The score in the end was 3-2 in favor of the Japanese fighter. At first he didn’t believe in his victory and was happy to tears!
Miyahara - пояс
Also it is worth mentioning, that Miyahara left IKO and changed it for the Japanese KFW, so that he could receive more opportunities to perform at various competitions. This spring Miyahara won the Japanese Championship in kyokushin-kan in the weight category bellow 85 kg and was even commended by Kancho Hatsuo Royama.

Borisov Andrey – Miyahara Jo

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