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The 1st WFKO American Champions

America2015 - гл.

On October 24, 2015 in Rochester, USA passed the North American WFKO qualifying tournament.

The WFKO Tournament passed parallel with the 25th Open USA Kyokushin Championship (IFK).

In the finals of the tournament fought:

Lightweight category (below 75 kg)
1st- Chucky Mady (Canada)
2nd – Juan Manuel Zusigg (Costa Rica)
общая легкий вес1

Middleweight category (below 85 kg)
1st – Merek Jasica (Chicago, USA)
2nd – Eshan Afshari (Arizona, USA)
общая сред.вес1

Heavyweight category (over 85kg)
1st – Merek Ociesielski (Chicago, USA)
2nd – Satoshi Hiramatsu (Denver, USA)
общая тяж.вес1

All of the fights were entertaining and spirited. A technical victory with a knockout (Ushiro-Geri) was scored only by the Canadian lightweight Chucky Mady. However he did not have a clear advantage over his opponent from Costa Rica Juan Manuel Zusigg until the 4th round.

The fights in the middle and heavy weight categories, both of which ended with a score 3:2 (by rounds), turned out more dramatically. In the heavyweight category a Japanese American Satoshi Hiramatsu sent his opponent into a knockout in the 1st and 2nd rounds. But after those knockouts Merek Ociesielski from Chicago took the fight into his own hands and won the remaining three rounds.

In the middleweight category the Iranian American Eshan Afshari also scored a waza-ari in one of the rounds, but lost to Merek Ociesielski by the total amount of rounds 2:3.

Head coach of WFKO, world champion Alexey Gorokhov attended the WFKO qualifying tournament. Along with the North American WFKO vice-president Shihan Michael Monaco he awarded the championship belts to the winners of this WFKO event.

By the way, a year ago Alexey Gorokhov was in Rochester, but not as a coach – as a fighter. He participated in the with the 24th Open USA Kyokushin Championship (IFK) in the super heavyweight category and received the title of the 2014 USA Champion.


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