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Shihan Alexey Gorokhov’s master class in the USA


In terms of the development of WFKO on October 22-24, 2015 head coach of WFKO, World Champion Alexey Gorokhov came to the USA. The visit took place at the invitation of the North American WFKO vice-president, President of the USA IFK Kyokushin Federation – Michael Monaco.

Alexey Gorokhov held 2 master classes for the leading American sportsmen : in the dojo of the six-time USA champion Kamil Maras in New-Jersey (New-York) and in Shihan Michael Monaco’s dojo in Rochester.

This is the second time, when the head coach of WFKO organized a training camp for the American sportsmen. In this year’s March Alexey Gorokhov already came to the USA with his master classes and visited 8 different dojos in 6 US cities.

This is what Gorokhov said about the training camp:” The main task of my visit in October were training sessions, which were aimed on the improvement of the high-kicks technique and the tactics of using it in various situations during combat, at the input, during backtracking and counterattacking. Also we worked with the sportsmen on improving the speed and strength of their kicks in the head, so that in an ideal situation their opponents would be sent into a knockout”.

Alexey also said, that at the master classes in New-Jersey and Rochester he was managed to work with “the sportsmen’s movement dynamics”. “Most of the US fighters during combat keep static, I would even say, that they are chained. We tried to add dynamics, so that they would “shoot their kicks” not from the bunkers, but from the tanks, if such war comparisons are appropriate.

At the end of Alexey Gorokhov’s visit to the USA a preliminary agreement was reached with Shihan Michael Monaco and the Canadian sportsmen about the organization of a 2016 WFKO training camp in Canada.


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