World Fighting Kyokushin Organization

WFKO Grand Prix Saint-Petersburg 2015

World Fighting Kyokushin Organization (WFKO) is opening the series of Grand Prix Tournaments among professional kyokushin fighters.

The First Grand Prix Tournament will be held on April 24, 2015 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

The Professional WFKO Tournament “Grand Prix Saint-Petersburg 2015” was organized for middleweight fighters (bellow 85kg). Invited to compete in the tournament 4 participants – famous in their own countries and in the whole world Kyokushinkai fighters:

Artem Nazaretyan (Russia, Moscow) – European Champion 2014, Silver medalist of the World Championship 2013, 2 times Russian Champion.

Zsolt Zsiga (Hungary) – European Champion 2011, Silver medalist of the European Cup 2013, Junior World Champion 2009

Sergey Gerasimov (Russia, Tomsk) – Champion of the Siberian Federal District, Silver medalist of the All-Russian competitions “Siberian master” and “Moscow’s Cayman”, Medalist of the Russian Championship.

Tangayi Mhlanga (Zimbabwe) – South-African Champion 2015, Medalist of USA Championships.

The series of professional Grand Prix tournaments was “launched” to select the best sportsmen of the planet for the First World Championship in kumite among professional Kyokushin fighters, which will be held in December, 2015.

The winners of the Grand Prix tournament will receive an “automatic” invitation to take part in the World Championship, the WFKO title belt and prize money. Other participants of the tournament will also receive prize money and ranking points, which will help them to earn the rights, so they could compete in the First WFKO World Championship.

After Saint-Petersburg the next Tournament of the Grand Prix series will take place in Barcelona on June 20.

prospekt Gagarina, 8, Saint-Petersburg, Russia