World Fighting Kyokushin Organization


Alexander Tanushkin


Alexander Tanushkin, the President of the World Fighting Kyokushin Organization. 7th dan.

Alexander Tanushkin, the First Vice- President of the World Fighting Kyokushin Organization, born in Moscow on June 20, 1950, President-Founder of Kyokushinkai Federation of Russia, Member of High Council of the Russian Union of Martial Arts, Member of Presidium of Kyokushinkai Association of Russia, one of the architects of International Karate Federation and a representative of Russia in the Federation, Honoured coach of Russia.

Was awarded Order «For Special Merits» #1 at the ceremony of national awards in martial arts in 2007. He became interested in karate kyokushinkai during his study in Poland in 1969. On his graduation from Ore Mining and Smelting Academy in 1973 he returned to Moscow and his student days in 1975 and started popularizing kyokushinkai in the USSR. He was the first in the country to gain black belt and was certificated by International Kyokushin Organization.

The first championship of the Soviet Union was held in 1977. Alexander Tanyushkin founded Kyokushinkai Federation of the USSR in 1989 and in 1992 headed Kyokushinkai Federation of Russia as its successor. At present he possesses 7th Dan. Kyokushinkai Federation of Russia is now internationally recognized and holds a leading position in the world kyokushinkai karate thanks to his activity as an organizer and leader.

He carries out intensive methodological and organizational activity, and is the author of numerous publications on development and popularization of kyokushinkai. He is a co-author of three- volume edition which in a fiction form describes the life of the country especially its sports aspects.